The City of Dubai - Mystic, Magical and Memorable.

Home to just over 2 million people the city hosts one of the most cosmopolitan mixes of cultures and nationalities,
a city where 200 nationalities intertwine and coexist in absolute harmony and respect.

From humble beginnings of a small pearl harvesting seaside town, the city has transformed to a mega-metropolis
that is the birth place of some of the wonders of the world, respected in the corridors of the power and the mighty.
Still growing at a breakneck speed the city has won laurels as a city for Tourism, Business, Shopping,
Education, Healthcare and, most importantly, as a "City to Live in".

Steered by an astute vision that's unexplainable for its eye-for-detail and people's relationship the city offers a
unique opportunity to own freehold property to anyone who chooses, making it the ideal choice for many to call home.
A gateway to the west and the east Dubai itself is the ultimate city that has won the hearts of many
across all ages, cultures and religions.